Our mission is to provide the highest quality, sun-grown, organic marijuana that Oregon can produce! 


Farm History

Bishop Orchard was established in southern Oregon in 1982. Starting as a pear orchard in the famed Rogue Valley, the Bishop's served customers like the widely known distributors Harry & David. With the passage of new Oregon laws [HB 3400] in 2015, Bishop Orchard transitioned from pears to cannabis. Bishop Orchard was licensed in 2017, just in time for the growing season, and hit the ground running. 


Farm Facility

Bishop Orchard strives to be a model production facility in the  Oregon cannabis industry. From the field to the packaging facility, we maintain only the highest standard in cleanliness and professionalism to ensure our consumers have access to the freshest organic cannabis in Oregon. 


Organic Sun-grown

At Bishop Orchard, we care about sustainable, organic farming. Our method uses minimal electricity and introduces no harmful chemicals into the environment. We grow using native soil, along with naturally sourced additives and compost. Our plants are nurtured with home brewed teas, made on-site, with only the best and locally sourced organic ingredients. Individual attention and the natural climate of Jackson County in southern Oregon provide perfect conditions to ensure each plant reaches it's full potential. As such, we are able to offer some of the most potent flower in the industry. 

About Us